Focused on hazardous material teams, bomb squads and EOD, CBRNe, clan lab teams and more, the TacticID-GP includes over 10,000 chemicals, explosives*, narcotics and much more, with an optional library of over 12,000 items. TacticID-GP also includes the entire TacticID-N narcotics library (1,000+) providing an all-inclusive identification system. The system also allows for custom user-created libraries which can be added directly on the device.

TacticID-GP is IP65 rated and MIL-STD-810G certified for drop testing.

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*Note: This item may be subject to export control to some territories.


TOS Remote™ for Remote Tablet Operation

The optional TOS Remote™ accessory pairs with any TacticID-GP unit and allows the user to remotely take scans from up to 100 feet (30 meters) away via a secured Wi-Fi connection. TOS Remote is ideal for potentially volatile sampling scenarios and also includes GPS mapping and photo capabilities. When used with the Right Angle Adaptor or Vial Holder accessory, users can take advantage of true hands-free scanning – a unique capability for TacticID systems.

T-Mode for Low Dose Samples

The included TacPac™ adaptor for TacticID-GP allows for simple and accurate identification of low concentration narcotics and traditionally difficult Raman samples. The adaptor uses Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) – an advanced identification technique that provides global law enforcement users with a trace level identification solution. Ideal for heroin, fentanyl, synthetics, THC, low dose pharmaceuticals and more.

CommandCenter™ Interconnected Analysis Network

CommandCenter™ is a revolutionary new material identification network that enables a centralized lab to wirelessly and securely update handheld TacticID-GP Raman units directly in the field with new library items. The CommandCenter model utilizes a seamless partnership between the lab and the users out in the field. Not only can data be sent from the lab to the field, but unknowns scanned in the field can also be sent wirelessly back to the lab for analysis. CommandCenter allows a group to have complete control over updating of libraries with authentic lab samples that are scanned in the lab, and can be sent not just to one, but to a full network of fielded TacticID-GP units, ensuring library uniformity.

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